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Application Features

About Uzyth

Uzyth (Catch GO) is a platform that combines aspects of social networking, location-based services, and gaming. Its primary feature is centered around the concept of "catching'' virtual items or creatures in real-world locations using augmented reality (AR) technology. Moreover, Zyth Coin is a cryptocurrency website that offers a digital currency called Zyth Coin. It provides information about the coin, its technology, team, and how to buy and use it. Users can engage in trading and investment activities through this platform. It's an user-friendly application which can be downloaded on desktop as well as mobile phone .

Augmented Reality (AR) Integration:

Catch Go utilizes AR technology to overlay virtual objects or creatures onto the real world through the user's smartphone camera. This creates an immersive experience where users can see and interact with virtual content in their physical environment.

Location-Based Gameplay:

The gameplay in Catch Go is mainly based on the user's physical location. Virtual items or creatures are distributed across various real-world locations, encouraging users to explore their surroundings to find and capture them.

Social Networking Features:

Catch Go incorporates social networking elements by allowing users to connect with friends, compete with each other, and share their achievements or discoveries. This social aspect adds a competitive and collaborative dimension to the gameplay experience.

Collection and Progression System:

Users can collect virtual items or creatures as they explore different locations. These collected items may contribute to the user's progress within the game, such as unlocking achievements, leveling up, or accessing new features or content.

Customization and Personalization:

Catch Go offers customization options for user avatars or profiles, allowing players to personalize their gaming experience. This can include customizable avatars, profile pictures, usernames, and other features to make the experience more engaging and unique for each player.

In-App Purchases and Monetization:

Like many mobile applications, Catch Go may offer in-app purchases for virtual items, currency, or other premium features. These purchases can enhance the user's gameplay experience or provide additional customization options.

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