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Application Features

About Surfie

Surfie : https://surfie.pt/ Surfie is a web application designed to help parents monitor and manage their children's online activities. It offers features such as content filtering, social media monitoring, screen time management, and real-time alerts for potentially harmful or inappropriate content. Surfie aims to provide parents with peace of mind by giving them insight into their children's digital lives and the tools to ensure their online safety.

Protecting Your Children Online with Surfie:

Surfie is a web application dedicated to helping parents safeguard their children's online experiences. With features like content filtering, social media monitoring, screen time management, and real-time alerts, Surfie empowers parents to stay informed and ensure their children's online safety.

Comprehensive Online Safety Features:
  • Content Filtering: Control the type of content your children can access online to protect them from inappropriate material.
  • Social Media Monitoring: Keep track of your children's social media activity to ensure they're interacting safely.
Insight and Control Over Your Children's Digital Lives:

Surfie provides parents with valuable insight into their children's online activities, allowing them to understand their digital behavior and take proactive steps to keep them safe. With Surfie, parents can monitor their children's internet usage, track their social media interactions, and intervene when necessary to prevent exposure to harmful content.

Peace of Mind for Parents

With Surfie, parents can rest assured knowing they have the tools they need to protect their children in today's digital world. By providing a platform for monitoring and managing online activities, Surfie empowers parents to guide their children's online experiences safely and responsibly. With Surfie, online safety is no longer a concern—it's a priority.

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