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Application Features


Radioverse is a Platform where Audio Creators & Film Makers can share ownership with their fans, separating from the traditional funding method which are record labels and movie studios. Our vision is to democratize audio and film to make it accessible to everyone, everywhere. This includes investing, hearing, viewing, using, and allowing individuals outside the industry to understand the struggle of independent creators. Radioverse will disrupt the industry by providing true ownership of their creation through fractional non-fungible tokens (NFT), creating real and fair value for what the music industry should be like.

Radioverse is the platform where artists can strive independently, by making their creations public through decentralization, with that comes loads of benefits.

CC Coin is the lifeblood of the Intergalactic Cockroach universe. Obtain it through gameplay, purchase on the open market, or by participating in various activities within the game. Use CC Coin to customize your cockroach racer, unlock new tracks, and dominate the leaderboards.

More Ways to Conquer the Cosmos:
  • Valuation Based Investments
  • Expanding Your Empire
  • Control of All Royalties
  • Resell Royalties
  • Fans become investors (believers will grow together)
  • Engaging with Community (E.g. Meeting up with fans that invest)

Radioverse also makes it easier for users that have no knowledge of cryptocurrency, automatically creating a wallet and exchanging their debit payments to Crypto

Experience Our Website: A Visual Journey

// Image Slider Demo: // https://codepen.io/vone8/pen/gOajmOo