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Application Features

About Intergalactic Cockroach

Intergalactic Cockroach Space Race is an esport game based on blockchain.You can gather your friends, race with others and earn crypto with your skills.It is designed to challenge your personal skills. Challenge yourself with our modes: Play To Earn & Free Play to win great rewards. CC Coin is our main ingame currency which can be achieved by purchase in the open market or by playing game modes and participating in many other activities.

Earn CC Coin, Rule the Galaxy:

CC Coin is the lifeblood of the Intergalactic Cockroach universe. Obtain it through gameplay, purchase on the open market, or by participating in various activities within the game. Use CC Coin to customize your cockroach racer, unlock new tracks, and dominate the leaderboards.

Get Ready to Race, Earn, and Dominate!

Embark on an epic journey through space, where your skills determine your success. Join the Intergalactic Cockroach Space Race community today and start your quest for cosmic glory!

More Ways to Conquer the Cosmos:
  • Customize Your Cockroach: Personalize your racer with unique skins, upgrades, and accessories to stand out in the race.
  • Explore Diverse Tracks: Race through stunning intergalactic landscapes and master each track's twists, turns, and obstacles.
  • Compete Globally: Challenge racers from around the world and climb the ranks to become the ultimate cockroach champion.
Modes to Challenge Your Abilities:
  • Play To Earn: Put your skills to the test and compete for crypto rewards. The better you perform, the more you earn!
  • Free Play: Practice and refine your racing techniques without the pressure of competition.

Experience Our Website: A Visual Journey

// Image Slider Demo: // https://codepen.io/vone8/pen/gOajmOo